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Introducing Cardano's refreshed brand

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  • introduction

    We are Cardano

    We are Cardano: purpose-built risk and investment specialists, and financial pioneers. We help pension schemes design and implement journeys towards their long-term funding objectives – with emphasis on stability in an uncertain world.

  • Our focused approach

    How we are different

    We provide fiduciary management and investment advisory services to pension schemes. Our focused approach frees us from the conflicts of interest and organisational complexities that encumber some of our peers.


    What can trustees do if they're feeling a cash squeeze?

    We’ve all heard the expression cash is king. And there’s some truth to that, particularly in a crisis. Most pension schemes hold a small amount of cash in the trustee bank account. The amount they hold is typically sized to cover near-term pension payments plus a buffer to cover some ad-hoc or unforeseen expenses. When […]

    Category: Navigating Uncertainty videos
    Publication date: 06.04.20

    How coronavirus is shaping our views on financial markets

    We know the recession is going to be severe, we are not yet clear how quickly that recession will last. But what that has meant for financial markets is a continuation in volatility. Equity markets for example, have definitely priced in some euphoria as the daily case count begins to slow and we anticipate that […]

    Category: Navigating Uncertainty videos
    Publication date: 09.04.20

    Scenarios for the outcomes of Covid-19

    At Cardano one of the most useful tools we use when thinking about portfolio construction is scenario analysis. That’s because we don’t know what the future holds but by trying to draw up several different reasonable scenarios, we can think through the likely economic implications of those different Scenarios. Today the most important driver of […]

    Category: Navigating Uncertainty videos
    Publication date: 08.04.20
  • Our IRM Simulation Tool


    PensionSim allows you to experience real life scenarios and their impact on a pension scheme and its sponsor in a safe environment.

    Contingency planning for pension schemes

    Brexit planning for trustees

    Our Brexit contingency planning guide helps trustees navigate covenant and investment steps they can take to protect their pension scheme.